The Side Out Foundation Metastatic Breast Cancer Database

Welcome to the Side-Out Foundation Metastatic Breast Cancer Database, a novel open-access relational database developed by the Side-Out Foundation in collaboration with the College of Science and the College of Health and Human Service at George Mason University. This database was created to capture a large array of information from the Side-Out sponsored studies, a continuum of trials where cutting-edge technologies are used to identify molecular alterations in individual tumors and devise personalized treatments for metastatic breast cancer patients (NCT01074814, NCT01919749, NCT03195192).

De-identified patients’ information includes demographics, treatment history, clinical and pathological information, and outcome data along with the molecular information collected from a metastatic lesions at the time of trial enrollment. Multi-Omics molecular profiles include genomic data generated by NGS-based whole/targeted exome sequencing, transcript analysis data obtained from RNA microarray or RNA Seq, IHC-based protein expression data, and phosphoproteomic data generated using the Reverse Phase Protein Microarray (RPPA). The database contains over 700 data fields, although the amount of information collected varies from trial to trial.

The database currently allows users to access data collected through the Side Out 1 Clinical trial and the Side Out 2 Clinical trial. The entire dataset can be easily downloaded in Excel using the report tabs. A comprehensive description of the database construction and available information can be found here.
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